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December 10 2008


Hi my friends...btw,I love mushroom soup;-)

October 02 2008

Cuaca mendung dan hujan gerimis di pagi Syawal ke 2.

September 30 2008

Eid Mubarak.Selamat Hari raya Eidil Fitri to all muslims and muslimahs:-)

September 28 2008

I keep looking at the clock because my neighbour has given me a pack of 'nasi Arab +kambing mandi'.May Allah bless her and her family.

September 12 2008

Downloading skype 3.8

August 06 2008

I am posting this note via my ipod touch apps

August 05 2008

Just installed pownce in my iPod touch.

July 06 2008

Just upgraded twhirl to 0.8.3.Good night feloow Malaysians.

June 23 2008

Are you malaysian moleskine users?Pls check this website http://snurl.com/2n6go
Do you still wear tie? In case you forget how,here it is-http://snurl.com/2n5tx

June 22 2008

My latest moleskine art-http://snurl.com/2n3rd

June 21 2008

Please comment on my photo shot,Thank you http://snurl.com/2menu

June 16 2008

FB in my Treo-.htmlhttp://snurl.com/2iyzg

June 14 2008

I m getting off to sleep. Tomorrow is my jogging day.
10 tips for being a good dad-http://snurl.com/2huwa

June 13 2008

24HourKL has extended the closing date to 16th June,2008.So my friends,you still have the time.

June 12 2008

Daily Snapshots: iPod touch

Blogging "iPod touch"
This is my photo submission to 24HourKL-http://snurl.com/2fxcx

June 11 2008

My son complained that his nasi ayam at Pasar Malam cost his RM3.50(previously 2.80).Everythimg seems to be on the way up except our income.
Are you KL top tweeters? check this website:http://snurl.com/2fjil
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